Photography: PAUL

Photography: PAUL

A while ago, I bought a Canon camera and I love it but I really didn’t know how to use it. I know it’s super powerful, because it’s the same camera most professional photographers use. It has sat in my house not being used for about 5 months, until recently were I needed to take some pictures for a client at work. One of our Art Directors had the same camera as me and was taking MUCH better pictures than me, she gave me a few tips and showed me little tricks that I haven’t been able to find on YouTube or any other blog I have read and re-read – it was so simple and I finally “got it”

Since then I have bought a 50mm lens which gives a look that I really liked with the pictures I am taking. My studio at work has been super busy which means that our Art Directors can’t get out of the office so I was asked to go out and shoot content. I love that my job makes me do something new everyday, that is the beauty of digital and social media marketing. Every day is a new challenge with new things you to learn like, Social Media Photography. I manage a full department and work on some of the biggest brands in Africa, but here I am learning and perfecting my hobby, isn’t that flippin’ great? I think it is.

Here are some of the Social Media Photography images that I took – I am pretty proud of them, let me know what you think.

These haven’t been edited like a pro (because I don’t know how to do that yet – but I’ll get there)

Tea at PAUL


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    1. No listen, the food is next level!

  1. These are great! Looking forward to seeing more of your shots xxx

    1. It’s so much fun! Can’t wait to get better at it!

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