Let’s talk Snapchat
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Let’s talk Snapchat

I have been a huge Snapchat advocate since I became aware of the app about 4 years ago.  I love the filters and the way in which the app curates content from around the world to make it’s Snapchat stories.  I have even added Croatia and Yacht Week to my list of things to do before I die because I watched a Snapchat story on Croatia and Yacht Week.

I was approached my Media Update to contribute to an article they were writing regarding brands using Snapchat.

(I have removed the name of the brand that I created and did the Snapchat strategy for just because of life/work and any admin that it could cause)

What is the most important lesson you learned about Snapchat while on a brands Snapchat account?

Snapchat is very data-intensive. We used 5GB of data covering our first event which happened over 2 days, with the data costs in South Africa this is sadly is the biggest barrier to entry as to why Snapchat is not as popular as it is in Europe.

What challenges did your team have to overcome to make a success of the Snapchat account?

Uptake. People in South Africa are using Snapchat actively, but with the platform not being friendly to adding users through the usual search terms our biggest struggle (which we luckily overcame) was letting our target market know that we were on Snapchat and that they need to follow us

How important is it for your team to tailor content to Snapchat’s unique audience, (as opposed to just running the content you create for other social platforms on Snapchat)?

Content for every channel should be unique or reworked to get the best results from the social media platform you are using.  Snapchat allows you to upload content to your stories, for example, Facebook and Twitter content could be to uploaded to your stories, but it’s not a strategy that agencies or brands should use to share content with the Snap community. Make use of the aspects of Snapchat that it is most popular for instead of copying and pasting content from other profiles. Snapchat is gamified so make use of that, ask people to screen grab your content, to send you videos, to share their filters with you as part of your content strategy. Snapchat is gamified, like on a personal Snapchat account the higher your Snapchat points and the more trophies you have unlocked the better your account is performing (which is also the only way currently that you can report on Snapchat currently) so be active and show a side of the brand that is not shown on other platforms and get snapping.

Can you let us in on one of your secrets to building a Snapchat following?

I can’t let you in on our secrets tactics, but most common way to grow your audience it by posting your Snapchat code on the other social profiles that you manage, although this is not the only way to grow your audience. Be innovative, try new avenues to reach new people.


You can read the full article on media update here: Seven tips to ace Snapchat marketing in South Africa






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