A ode to bad days

Today was a bad day,

Everything went wrong and my will power disappeared,

Don’t give up they say,

Once I have cheated on a diet will I be able to start again I feared.


Planning for a diet

How to lose weight and influence people

Ok, I am lying about the influencing people… but it made my headline way more catchy this way.

So, it’s Saturday night and I am at home doing nothing but watching cooking programs and keeping myself entertained which got me thinking about sharing some tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years on how to lose weight, which I am pretty good at (I lost 50kgs, if you are new here and don’t know about my past)READ MORE

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15 minutes.

15 minutes. That is all the time I allow myself to be upset about something before trying to fix it.

Someone who I care about very very deeply said something to me that wasn’t supposed to be mean and was intended as a joke but it made my eyes well up and feel like I was sliding down a slippery slope into inevitable fatness which brings with it being miserable, alone and sad like I was those 6 years ago before I had lost so much weight. It made me panic. It made me feel like a failure. It hurt. It was what I needed to hear though, I think.


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Bye Bye 2017. Hello Hello 2018.

Gosh, what a flipping year it has been.

I love looking back on the year and seeing what goals I have achieved and then setting some goals for the coming year.

2017 flew past. Like I genuinely can’t believe it is nearly 2018 and I am still shell-shocked that it is December. Time has FLOWNREAD MORE

The low down on Low Carb

I am not one who likes cutting something out of my diet. I don’t think it’s healthy to cut out a type of food totally, I mean if we weren’t supposed to eat something it wouldn’t be available on the market. I am however very obviously a big believer on moderation, even though I am not always very good at practising moderation¬†READ MORE

Avoid the free food

I am currently sitting in the SLOW lounge at the airport and I just had an epiphany… Free food is the best, but the worst, but also it’s the best.

I have kinda not been that good in my #Constructhin journey since my last blog post – I haven’t lost weight, I am way off of my previous goals and I just ate croissants… I feel totally helpless and at every point, someone is trying to feed me and I have come to this conclusion… FREE FOOD IS THE WORST!READ MORE

A New House, A New Job, A New set of problems

I set up this blog to document my now alarming adult life, and to document it so you could all see the trail and tribulations that very often are not spoken about when you are going through some serious life changes. I stupidly in true Justine fashion, made all these changes at the same time. It’s been a bumpy road, and I hope someone can learn from this there have been some very high highs and then one very low low.READ MORE

My advice, for surviving life

10 years of living in South Africa with my family in another country has meant that I have learned some things from trial and error, I hope they will help you shape your career and your character.READ MORE

Building a Garden

Some of you may not know this, but I come from a family that is pretty fantastic at growing plants.


Buying a house: Learnings

When I was 21 I watched the movie/documentary about The Secret and although I didn’t finish it because I found it rather boring one of my key take-outs from the book was that if you want something you need to write it down, think about it often, work towards it and one day it will be yours.