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15 minutes.

15 minutes. That is all the time I allow myself to be upset about something before trying to fix it.

Someone who I care about very very deeply said something to me that wasn’t supposed to be mean and was intended as a joke but it made my eyes well up and feel like I was sliding down a slippery slope into inevitable fatness which brings with it being miserable, alone and sad like I was those 6 years ago before I had lost so much weight. It made me panic. It made me feel like a failure. It hurt. It was what I needed to hear though, I think.

See, the usual phase of dieting/New Years resolutions was about to hit me like a 40 tonne truck and I was feeling all the usual feelings just before I give up and eat a piece of cake or skip a gym session.

I can’t be the only one who knows what the usual feelings are, right? The ones where you feel the world is a little bit harder for you, because like other girls you see can’t just eat what you want and enjoy your life, you can’t just slip into a bikini and feel comfortable without serious plastic surgery and months and months of starvation.

“EVERYTHING IS SO HARDER FOR ME, IT’S NOT FAIR” – Me, every time I have to say no to pizza


Well, I sat myself down, had a secret cry, let myself be vulnerable and sad and then got the f**k over it. 15 minutes.

Now I am more determined that ever to get back to being as fit as hell, have people other than the security guard at the Woolies tell me, “Wow, you have such a great body” and fit into anything and everything off of Superbalist (Seriously, their sizing is ridonk)

So to get out of my mystery I started building the most amazing running Playlist (it’s a Work In Progress like it’s curator)

You can listen to it on Apple Music here: #ConstrucTHIN by Punkystarfish

Spoiler alert, it’s longer than 15 minutes.

PS. I hope it makes you want to dance your face off (but like on a treadmill while burning some serious calories and making your heart a little healthier and happier)

Dancing to an apple playlist

If you have any songs that you just adore and can’t actually gym without, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll make sure I add them to the #ConstrucTHIN playlist 🙂

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