The low down on Low Carb

I am not one who likes cutting something out of my diet. I don’t think it’s healthy to cut out a type of food totally, I mean if we weren’t supposed to eat something it wouldn’t be available on the market. I am however very obviously a big believer on moderation, even though I am not always very good at practising moderation¬†

As you may know from my previous blog post about fasting, I am doing IF. The biggest problem with IF is that in the 8hours window when you can eat, you do at first tend to eat crap. Eating crap is bad, eating crap makes you feel like well, crap and can lead to putting on weight. So what I have done is gone the low carb route and try to eat fewer potatoes, rice, quinoa, legumes etc. I really like bread and toast with Bovril, which in my opinion is one of the ultimate gifts from the gods. Real talk, how can something so easy to make taste so goddam delicious? (This also applies to 2-minute noodles)

I usually eat low-carb when I am doing a diet trip, but after doing Cohen and having to eat the same limited amount of vegetables for over a year, I literally can’t deal with cauliflower, asparagus, or zucchini. So the cool thing about going low-carb is that I can add more vegetables to my diet that are more diverse. I can eat Avocado going low-carb (I’m allergic but I mean, I’ll pop a pill just to get through it)

I am going to be eating things like, eggs, beef, lamb, salmon, eggplant, peppers, olives, apricots, etc

I am so excited to be able to eat a much wider range of food items. I have limited myself to a specific range of foods for so long, being able to make an INTERESTING salad is the biggest deal to me, also Lamb. Guys, I don’t think I have eaten lamb in like 5yrs, sorry vegan and veggie readers, but I do love me some lamb. Hot DAMN!

Anyways, that’s all for me this week. See you on the thin side.
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