Avoid the free food

I am currently sitting in the SLOW lounge at the airport and I just had an epiphany… Free food is the best, but the worst, but also it’s the best.

I have kinda not been that good in my #Constructhin journey since my last blog post – I haven’t lost weight, I am way off of my previous goals and I just ate croissants… I feel totally helpless and at every point, someone is trying to feed me and I have come to this conclusion… FREE FOOD IS THE WORST!

Why is it that when something is free, I am so attracted to it? Like, I wasn’t hungry, I was not planning to eat… but, “Ooooooh, I am in the SLOW lounge and I have to taste EVERYTHING!”

For the last 3 yrs I have worked with FMCG Food brands and you know what, it’s bad for my health. You guys have no idea how many free chocolates, burgers, pizza, coffee, muffins, and other free food there is readily available to me at any given time. It’s crazy, and as a food addict (yes, I am…. it’s just like a cocaine addiction except you don’t get healthy if you give it up…. You die)

Anyways, there is no point to this blog post other than me voicing my frustration at how I cannot say no to free food and how I irritated I am that I eat it every damn time and how I am fatter for it. *insert all the swear words*

Basically the rest of the year I am going to be working on my willpower. I need to say no to things, to have my brain on my side so that I can reach my goals. It’s tough guys, it’s really tough.

Please tell me the rest of you deal with this shit too so I know I am not alone.


(from the food section at the SLOW lounge)

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