A New House, A New Job, A New set of problems

I set up this blog to document my now alarming adult life, and to document it so you could all see the trail and tribulations that very often are not spoken about when you are going through some serious life changes. I stupidly in true Justine fashion, made all these changes at the same time. It’s been a bumpy road, and I hope someone can learn from this there have been some very high highs and then one very low low.


There is something so nerve racking about a move, I always joke that “I would rather carry a carcass through Jurassic Park than help someone move” but if you hire great, reliable movers and are organised it’s amazing how stress free a move can be.  I highly recommend you use iZwelibanzi Logistics they were professional, reliable and so helpful I couldn’t help but hug the two guys who helped me at the end for making the move day so easy, stress-free and quick. They took care of my things, made me feel safe and put a smile on my face during a really stressful time.

Another thing to make sure you do when you are moving is get boxes and label and pack everything. I got my boxes at Wes Pack which was substantially cheaper that Box Man or any of the other moving companies that I found in a Google search. I think I spent like R400 on boxes and bubble wrap, and I had boxes left over.

Setting up

So now I am sitting in my house, with all my boxes and furniture around me and I am like “I don’t know how to start, or where to start” I just want my place to look like my inspiration board on Pinterest. I am very quickly some to the conclusion that having a beautiful home takes oodles or money if you want it done immediately. I don’t have oodles of money (because I bought a house) but I do have time, so weekend by weekend I am doing small little projects because Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Starting a new job

So if moving and trying to settle into a new house wasn’t time consuming I started a new job. I love it but it’s new and demanding and terrifying… I am terrified I am going to drop the ball and mess up every second of everyday – but it is great to care about work again, something that my old agency had killed in me (I won’t go into that, because I don’t have anything nice to say – although I do miss my lovely Mondelez family and the agencies I worked with on the account, it’s weird that I loved my clients, immediate team and partner agencies so much, but every work day going into the office made me sick to my stomach). I work for a company called Sauce now, that is partly owned by Famous Brands, its a very way of working and a 2 months in I still find myself feeling totally overwhelmed, luckily I manage a team of driven, hard working,  motivated people who are going to make their mark on the digital marketing landscape and again, Rome wasn’t built in a day with the kinds of changes I want to make.

Safety and Security

I had always heard that criminals target people who have just moved, purely because you probably aren’t settled and your security is low. Sadly, this happened to me. I came home after work a week ago to my front door open, at first I thought it was my own error but as soon as I got into the house something was “off” (trust your gut) and it was, my house had been broken into and these criminals had gone through my entire house and belongings looking for pieces of value to make their own. I felt violated. I felt terrified. I felt scared.

Be careful who you let into your home when you have just moved in – I am 98% sure that the person who had a part in robbing me was the people who installed my fibre to my home, I trusted them, trust no one in this country in this economy you sadly have to expect the worst of people. Don’t leave anyone unattended not even for a minute and error we made. If they go to the bathroom, be nearby, if they go to the kitchen be able to see them, if they ask questions about when you work, where you work etc don’t answer them honestly. The ONLY way these people could have gotten into my house was because they knew how, and let themselves in my loosening a window. Be warey, very very warey. I feel terrible saying this, but I trust everyone and think the best of everyone and I am not a statistic of crime and less a very senitmental diamond ring and a very expensive watch that I got for my 21st (that I have realised, so far)

Well this blog post has been a bit all over the place, but I typed it as things came into my head. There is a lot to update everyone.

I am getting a new lense for my camera this Friday and will finally be able to take blogger-esque images for my budding blog. Till then, Punky out.


  • Jenty

    July 31, 2017 at 10:01 pm Reply

    Love that you’re excited about your new job. Sounds like your new house is perfect… apart from the break-in.
    Glad you weren’t there though (hate that I’ve said that, but it’s true). Sounds like they were looking for something quite specific.

    • Justine

      August 1, 2017 at 2:51 pm Reply

      Loving the new job, bummed about the break in but rather than it make me bitter I am just going to install all the security!

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