House Decor Ideas

Having my own little place in this world means that I get to decorate it however I want to decorate it.

I must admit I never thought that decorating a home would be something I would be interested in, I just didn’t think I had that girl gene in me. I do though I am happy to report. I know that growing up we had the most beautiful house and garden (my Mom is ridiculously talented here, so I feel like I have some big shoes to fill)

To give you an idea of how great my Mom is, here are some snaps I took of her back garden last time I was in Zim.

Next time I go home I will snap better pictures that actually show the landscaping and not just the beautiful flowers that make up this tropical paradise in the middle of Harare.

So, I knew I wanted to have a great garden and I have already started collecting cactus and other succulents to add to my garden when I eventually move in, in July. Then I started looking around on Pinterest which was probably a bad idea because I am sure what I want my house to look like is going to cost a small fortune, well not even a small fortune… It is going to cost a fortune but I thought I would share some ideas with you so you can see the look and feel I am going for.

I want a very neutral base when it comes to furniture so I can update it when I get bored of things (which will be much cheaper in the long run, couches are so expensive flipping, heck)

I have quite a nice sized lounge / dining room and am hoping for a very country cottage sort of feel with LOTS of indoors plants, colour wise I am thinking something like this.

My dining room area is going to be pretty small (till I can renovate and make the kitchen/dining area/lounge open plan) I am thinking a round table or a small square one to save on space, but it need to be pine (not a fan of dark wood)

I really love this kind of shelving, you can see now that this is where my interior design style starts to get all jumbled.

Look at this kitchen you guys, I mean…. *dies from sheer gorgeousness* That wall paper is busy as hell I know, but its amazing for a feature wall.

Ok, I am going to stop now I haven’t even shown you my bedroom / home office and bathroom idea yet but I will leave that for another blog post, but this is where my head is at right now.


  • Andrea Smit

    April 11, 2017 at 12:00 pm Reply

    Ooooo it’s going to look SO beautiful! <3

    • Justine

      April 11, 2017 at 12:01 pm Reply

      I am so excited!!!

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